Marketing to Save the World


Yes, marketing can save the world. How? check this video for a challenging view on a new marketing management model that can change the way we do projects and campaigns, and the world itself. 

Humanity has changed and although we may have not yet realized it, the opportunity for a global qualitative improvement is now more at our fingertips than ever.

Innovation and marketing must satisfy needs. These needs will always be functional and/or emotional. The question is, who decides which needs are met first and at what price? Governments and public organizations have tried to respond through a “social” or “state” prioritization, often with a diffuse or not very transparent sense of the common good (common for whom?). The rest of the needs of society are solved under the criterion of an income statement: what comes in must be greater than what goes out to be convenient and sustainable over time. Businesses must make money through the marketing they deploy,...

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